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Corporate biographies can become part of the face of your business, so It’s important to make sure it looks good – and it should also be an interesting and informative read. Clients won’t be impressed by a cheaply-produced volume filled mostly with uninspiring photographs of your staff and premises – a mistake many businesses make when trying to cut costs on a valuable PR object like a book. What will make an impression on people is a beautiful, highly-detailed and thoroughly-researched book that is actually a pleasure to read – and which provides useful information about your firm and your industry. This is the kind of book that Metro Writers specialises in, helping both you and your business to rise to the top of your game. Beyond the prestige that will naturally come with your status as a leader in your industry, a corporate book can also serve as a reward to your internal customers – the staff and stakeholders in your business, many of whom will have devoted years of their lives to helping the company grow. A gift of the firm’s corporate biography is a fine gesture to staff, but an even greater one is for them to see their own names, photos, and stories in print as part of your company’s history. A book can serve as a great token of appreciation to long-serving staff, and it can also be a significant motivator to encourage staff by underscoring their importance to the business. Your corporate book will become part of the business culture of your firm; it will serve as a comprehensive introduction to new staff, and help persuade talented personnel to join you.

Metro Writers is a true marriage of literary talent and business acumen in its own right. Our team is comprised of successful writers, researchers, publishers, and businesspeople who have pooled their experiences in order to produce the most convincing, readable, and credible business biographies available – both in English and Vietnamese. For the greatest international context, our books are first prepared in the English language and then faithfully translated into Vietnamese, so that the maturity of the international biographical writing style will carry over into the local edition of your important book. We are able to produce books on

  • The development of a business from its foundation through to market prominence

  • The personal and career paths of key executives in the business

  • The individual story of one person who has contributed greatly to the firm’s success

  • The workings and production methods of a business

  • The business entity in the context of the local or international market

Our books unfold the relevant details about an organisation so as to allow the reader to develop a deep appreciation and awareness of its importance and gain a sense of its future potential. Also, because you have full control over what gets published, your business secrets and sensitive data are never revealed – only the story you want to tell will be included in your business volume.

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