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Book Services

Publishing in Vietnam has been strictly controlled for a very long time. It's only now that the full potentials of the publishing industry are beginning to unfold. With low entry barriers to printing and publishing, all kinds of possibilities are now opening up for foreign writers, self-publishers, short-run publishing investors, and so on. As long as Vietnam's laws on the publishing industry are respected, licensing and printing a book at low prices can be a reality.

Fully conversant in the local publishing industry standards, Metro Writers is able to offer full publishing services to any client, including agents seeking print or digital solutions, international  publishers looking to minimise print run and distribution costs, to locally-based international writers seeking to unlock the benefits of the local book publishing environment.


If you're a writer and already have a manuscript you want to see published, Metro Writers can help you get it ready for the shelves. We offer the following manuscript services:

  • Editorial

  • Copywriting

  • Proofreading

  • Cover Design

  • Interior Design & Layout

  • Translation


If you have a book ready for the printing press, we can help make it happen. It doesn't matter if you need just one copy or ten thousand, Metro Writers has a number of solutions available for whatever you need.

  • Publishing Licences

  • One-off Printing

  • Commercial Publishing

  • eBook Publishing in Vietnam or overseas

  • Book Marketing

Metro can also offer highly personalised book services, such as eBook to Print Copy (producing a perfect-bound print version of any eBook you provide) and Translation of Any Book (provide any personal or favourite book and have it translated into Vietnamese or English and printed as a gift or inspiration for others or for your own purposes).

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