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The Agency

Our writing bureau acts as an agency in four capacities:

  • for writers who are seeking work in publishing

  • for authors/clients seeking sponsorship for writing fees for their publication

  • for publishers seeking writers for projects falling outside of our creative sphere

  • for publicists seeking support in managing book promotional activities.

Creative writer

We accept enquiries from talented writers actively seeking to work in book authoring, magazine writing, and copywriting. Applicants seeking to write for our bureau should have demonstrable talents in long-form literary structures as well as interview skills and general talents in journalism. Writers should have a portfolio of work, and non-native English speakers should be able to demonstrate superior capabilities in the English language as well as an excellent standard of writing and paid journalism experience in their mother tongue.

Asian businessman

We maintain a network of professional writers, editors, and publication collaborators who may be available to work on projects for established publishing houses. We are able to connect and negotiate with writers on a publisher’s behalf on a commission basis. We specialise in authors writing in the English language, but are also able to place writers for projects in other languages. Legal invoices can be issued through our firm.

Author reading

Metro is able to assist writers and clients using our writing services in seeking sponsorhip for book projects that have a potential to sell well.

For celebrity clients with an established fan base, we are able to propose deals with sponsors or advertisers in advance of commencing writing services. This is often advisable in cases where a celebrity has a strong level of popular support and is committed to engaging in promotional activities to maximise their book’s sales potential.

Asian businesswoman

For celebrity managers and corporate PR managers who wish to exploit the promotional capacity of a book but who do not have experience in this field, we are able to guide and supervise these activities and consult on promotional strategies. This is particularly beneficial for English-language books produced in Vietnam and intended for traditional- or self-publication and marketing overseas.

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