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In our base city of Saigon, hiring a freelancer for a short writing gig or to put together copy for a website or brochure can be a nightmare. In Vietnam, every payment made by a business must be recorded on an official, government-issued red invoice. Only registered businesses can offer red invoices, and freelance writers tend to be individuals who can't issue an invoice at all. For many businesses, there's no option but to turn to a local company offering content as part of a design service, and more often than not, their English-language copy leaves much to be desired.

We're unique in that we run a registered business and specialise in writing services. If you're seeking a freelancer, we can arrange for one of our writers to complete your work on a freelance basis and issue red invoices through our firm. If you have already found a freelancer you'd like to work with, we're happy to sit down and work out a deal.

If you're a freelance writer yourself, feel free to send us a copy of your resume and writing samples. If something comes up, as it sometimes does, we may be able to place you in a paid freelancing position.

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