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Our main areas of interest as a book production bureau are life writing, legacies, and commercial publications for businesses, government departments, and institutions. Our clients tend to fall into three categories:

Chef Jack Lee and Charlize Theron
Celebrities and VIPs


We produce biographical works for public figures and notable individuals, either openly as book authors or confidentially as ghostwriters. For each client, we produce an in-depth, full-length biography and memoir in both English and Vietnamese for use as a promotional platform in itself, or otherwise as a marketing tool to enable clients to enhance and profit from their existing celebrity platforms.

Elderly Asian Man
Private Individuals

We write personal memoirs as legacies for private individuals who want their stories recorded for posterity, usually for close family members. Our clients are successful or otherwise notable individuals who wish their memories and achievements to be preserved as a written legacy. Some of our clients request our services on behalf of a parent or relative as a gift or tribute. They are generally not made available for sale, and we are able to arrange professional printing and binding of such books.

Other private individuals ask us to write a book based on their own professional experience as a means to establish authority and a good reputation in their area. These books are generally ghostwritten to allow the client to use them for self-promotion.

Elderly Asian company director
Businesses and Organisations


We produce books for organisations as a substantial promotional resource intended for sale or as high-quality gifts. We are able to write histories of businesses and/or top-level executives, as well as for organisations seeking to fully detail their activities in a written publication. We have produced unique books for local tourism bureaus.


Metro Writers also co-operates with local photo book publishers to produce high-quality tailored album publications for schools and private individuals on request.

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